Home of the Brave Brewseum

The Home of the Brave Brewseum was hand-built by the Tomlinson Family with the mission to Remember, Honor, and Salute America’s fighting men & women.  The train that circles the beer hall represents a by-gone era and mode of transportation that helped win the war in Hawaii and across the U.S. mainland. Flying WWII fighter planes circle the rafters.

Photo’s of popular night-time hangouts from the early 1900’s and the war years grace the walls along with the impressive beer can collection donated by an American patriot and beer lover! A great variety of fresh island craft beers are on tap as well as the famous Home of the Brave flagship Pilot Pale Ale. Sip a cold beer in the 1942 Admiral Nimitz Jeep & see the Vietnam era tuk-tuk used by B-52 crews to shuttle airmen to their bomber aircraft (the Colonel that donated this flew 334 missions over Vietnam!)

Canteen dining on german-style beer hall tables make the experience memorable while meeting new friends and enjoying nostalgic entertainment.

For more information, visit www.brewseums.com and Home of the Brave Brewing Company websites.